Restoring the Lackawanna Cut-off to Scranton

The Lackawanna Cut-off Restoration Project is an effort by Amtrak and the Pennsylvania Northeast Regional Rail Authority to restore the old Lackawanna Cut-off. NJ Transit is currently working to restore service to Andover, but Amtrak has proposed service between New York City and Scranton with several stops in between.

Proposed Amtrak stations:

Scranton, PA
Mount Pocono, PA
East Stroudsburg, PA
Blairstown, NJ
Dover, NJ
Morristown, NJ
Montclair-Bay St.
Newark-Broad St.
New York, NY Penn Station

At this point, funding is needed to continue finishing laying the rail in New Jersey to get it to the Pennsylvanian border. In Pennsylvania, one of the top priorities is building the necessary stations and other infrastructure to support passenger rail. Contact your leaders.