PennDOT Releases Feedback Results, Big Win for the Lackawanna Cut-off

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has released the feedback results from their public comment period earlier this year regarding their Twelve Year Program.

Here is the map of submissions and an overall look at the results as well as answers from PennDOT to submitted questions.

Among the highlights:

  • The Lackawanna Cut-off was tied for first among most requested projects in Scranton as well
  • Lackawanna Cut-off was tied for top requested project in Lackawanna County
  • Passenger rail was listed as a higher priority in the Lackawanna Luzerne Transportation Study Metropolitan Planning Organization region than the Commonwealth as a whole, despite no current passenger rail which shows an appetite for passenger rail in our area
  • Among questions submitted, the Lackawanna Cut-off was specifically mentioned twice and was a main topic among public transit questions
  • Written answer regarding funding the Cut-off: “PennDOT has provided matching funds to the Lackawanna Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for an Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) grant to study the line. And following the results of the study, recommendations will be made for the future of the Lackawanna Cut-Off Restoration Project.”
  • Secretary Richards answering about rail service (38:51) and the Cut-off specifically (40:45)

The submissions–through both The SRRC will continue to work with allies at the local, state, and federal level to secure the necessary funding for the funding. We also call on PennDOT to reflect the results from their comment period and include the Lackawanna Cut-off in the next Twelve Year Program.

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